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Friday, February 15, 2008

In Silent Prayer My Soul I Bare

In Your Chapel, the quiet consoles
Bowed in silence, my prayer just flows

In silent prayer, my soul I bare
This is me, my Lord, I went astray
But I am here now, no need to explain
You’ve always been there through all of my pain
Twas me who turned away
Lost for a long while, now seeking your way.

This simple act to bare my soul, easy it should be, or so I thought
But tis hard, my inside wrought
I have closed up for far too long
Let nobody in, been crying alone

How hard it is to open up my pains
To lay bare my sorrow for everyone to sense
Tears swell and roll down my cheeks, soothe my skin
They wash away the hurt, the ugly pain
The resentment, the bitter anger bit by bit go wane.

I can still recall the bitter, bitter taste of anger on my tongue
I now shrug off the hurt that still remains, lesser now, much less in time
I had backed away from You in anger
My cries You did not hear
I had stopped praying, stopped coming here

I had ranted, why don’t You change his waywardness?
Why do I have to go through this pain? Why let me suffer the ugliness?
Why me? Who have I wronged to deserve this, who?
To do good, I tried. To be good, I did, too.
A normal being I try to be, I did not steal, I did not kill, I did not disobey
Then why torment a suffering soul this way?
Why? Why? Oh why?

So many questions, so many years
No answer came for five and twenty years.

Then You beckoned, this third day of the Year
Your Chapel seemed welcoming, come revere
Felt tired for far too long, I sigh
Just needed to stop and rest awhile…

Sublime silence
Grant me refuge in Your comforting silence.

In silence, I bow my head down
My torment, my pain I lay them all down
Your forgiveness I seek in silence deep
Protect and guide me henceforth, I beseech
Pray, grant me forgiveness, heal this lost soul
In silent prayer, I lay bare my soul.