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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

‘Silence and Soft Speech’ Attract Abundance

Gosh! This stuff really works! Silence and soft speech can indeed attract abundance. Call it what you may, but all I care is that this is the real deal! How else can I explain the many small abundance that I have been blessed with since I started practicing this on the third day of the New Year. And tonight, I found out I won close to two thousand in the local lottery! I have a feeling more abundance are on their way to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!

It’s been two weeks since my last post entitled “Attract Good Fortune in the New Year through Silence and the Practice of Soft Speech”. And I have had many small fortunes since. Except for small lapses here and there (I am human, still), but overall, I feel much calmer, at peace with myself and grateful to the universe for everything good in my life. So I’m like making a promise to myself to practice ‘silence and soft speech’ on a daily basis simply because I am experiencing notable changes in my life that are wonderful. I simply just feel good about me now!

From Edginess to Blessedness

Overall, my lifestyle has not changed much. I follow the same work and home routine still, everyday. Usually (especially the past year) by this time of the month (I am a salaried worker, btw) after paying the bills, I would be walking on edge as I usually don’t have much cash on me or in my savings. I don’t know about you but, somehow, having money on me makes me feel secure and confident going about my business. With money, I don’t have to carry around the feeling of dread and insecurity that comes with knowing that you have no cash in hand and you have busted your credit card limit; you know, that dreaded fear that the car will suddenly give way and you have no cash for urgent repairs, or you might bump into old friends and you couldn’t even buy them coffee, etc, etc. I dislike that feeling of dread and edginess that come with the lack of money. Money gives me security and confidence.

Since the start of the year, I made sure I practice simple forms of meditation everyday. I observe moments of silence as much as possible, whenever possible, and I try to speak much softer than I usually do. The past three weeks, I am filled with this feeling of abundance and confidence. Why? Because I have a few thousands in savings, and a few hundreds on me (and now the nearly 2k that I won tonight), which is more than enough to give me the feeling of security,confidence in going about my day, not to mention a wonderful sense of calm inside. And, I have even booked air tickets for five in my family for us to go on vacation in March. Call it coincidence, or whatever. But I call these small miracles brought by the wonderful practice of silence and soft speech .

So what exactly is Silence and Soft Speech, or the practice of it?


Silence relaxes the mind and body. By practicing silence, we gain and preserve energy and vitality, but there are also many benefits to be obtained by silence. I stumbled upon an article on the 'Power of Silence' by wahiduddin which I am recommending to anyone interested in the topic.

To practice silence, everyday of the week, if possible, I make an effort to retreat from the noise, demands and expectations of the world around me for half an hour or so. I close myself in, and get in touch with my inner self to find the peace within. I practice silence by doing a few things that I now recommend:

1. Observe moments of quiet and stillness

  • Sit in a comfortable chair for a few minutes, close your eyes, breath slowly and just stay quiet…relax.
  • Focus all your attention on a soothing object for a few minutes: it could be a water feature on your office table or room, a poster on your wall, anything that gives you a sense of tranquility.
  • Find a quiet spot outdoors, better still on a hill or a building top, and just close your eyes for a few minutes and feel the cool breeze on your face. The high you get can be addictive.

2. Spend Solitary Time-outs:

  • Take a bath: a few minutes of showering or soaking in the bathtub, just feel the water caressing your skin into total relaxation.
  • Go for a relaxed walk in a quiet park for no specific purpose.
  • Sit in the park watching the birds, or people pass by or children playing.
  • If you live or pass near a church or chapel any day of the week, just stop by and sit for few minutes, and just enjoy the healing silence in His presence.

3. Meditation

I would go for simple meditation that one can easily learn from many sources, library, online, etc. For a simple meditation, just sit in a quiet and comfortable position, start with a few deep breaths and count down slowly from 25 to one to relax your whole body totally, release all stress and tension, and just go into your inner self, and focus on the stillness within. You may want to repeat some affirmations if you want to, and/or strengthen that further with visualizations.

Or you may want to learn yoga. There are plentiful resources out there.

Otherwise, you could go online and seek out the numerous free courses on meditation techniques. I came across a good meditation system, the Silva Life System which I am currently using. It’s great and works for me. No harm in checking out the Silva Method.

Soft Speech

Silence has healing properties for the mind, body and soul. The more moments of silence we observe, the more revitalized and tranquil we feel. Of course, being part of the human race we cannot continue to be silent for long. Speaking and/or communicating are part and parcel of living. However, we can keep speech to the bare essential at crucial times. And speaking in soft tones is always soothing to a listener. The many mistakes we make are by opening our mouths too much. Most of us have this need to be heard, to make a point, to contradict and to criticize. Often, talking too much allows us to say foolish things. We offend and hurt people through speech, and by speaking too much we give out secrets that we later regret.

One just needs to recognize the pervading goodness of silence; that it is in silence that we can do our best work because all our energy and willpower become concentrated and intense in silence. And the best part is, silence is spiritual and brings us closer to our God.