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Monday, December 3, 2007

Parent's Wish - A Tribute to Parents Everywhere

With our busy schedules, we very often lose touch, forget or simply ignore our parents. At times, we just hate them. I'd like to take time out here from talking about what I normally talk about here and make a gentle reminder to us all to remember and pay tribute to our parents, be they both parents (in which case, you are among the luckiest), single dad or single mom. There no special event, really. We do not need any special occasion or special day to pay tribute to our parents. Pay tribute to parents everyday, if we can, for their time with us is short.

I am actually prompted to post this after reading an email a dear friend send with a beautiful powerpoint presentation about Parent's Wish. It touches so deep that I had to post a link to the site:

Please take time to visit the site, listen to the presentation so you will not easily feel irritated or angry with your parents. I know, we are all guilty, at some point or another, of feeling irritated, angry, and even ashamed of our parents. I know I did, many times that I won't talked to my mom for months. But every single time, I am drawn back to her, we make peace, and it's back to the parent-child 'love-hate' thing again. But , it's good, at least we talk and listen to each other as much as we can.

It is very relevant to everyone, yes just about everyone, irrespective whether you have (both) parents or just a single dad or single mom. So do find the time to visit the site and send an email to anyone you know. I can be sure that the presentation will bring tears to your eyes, unless or course your heart is made of stone. And parents please forward to your kids, too, just as a gentle reminder for them to respect not only their own parents but parents everywhere. My fervent hope is that, after reading it and living it, this world will be a much better place to live.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Aljo,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Hackosphere New Blogger lightning fast Neo template and for your kind words. Glad the post helped you. And thanks for the link. You just earned yourself a link from a PageRank 4 (homepage) at Commennts left in "Blogger Tips and Tricks" blog by grateful bloggers. However, it is dependent on your permission and will be removed on request.

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Aljo said...


Thank you for the link from your post. I am, indeed, honoured. You are a kind soul. TQ.