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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Make Money and Buy Happiness?


Today, I begin to document my journey to finding my success and riches in life. I am told that it is my birthright to be rich. All I have to do is ask and receive. I have listed down all my goals of being wealthy. I have written affirmations, set the time frame, and ask the universe, and I am ready to receive. I waited...and waited. Well…nothing. Nothing seemed to work for me. I am sinking more and more into debt, all stressed out and close to penniless and depression.

We live today in a world without boundaries, the global village where so much information can be passed around in a blink of an eye via the internet and other ICT devices man has created. In today’s virtual world, I am inundated with an avalanche of systems, books, and e-book on the secrets of success, how to make money and be really, really rich and happy that now I am as confused as ever and nowhere even close to living my dreams of being rich. Through all the confusion, the scams, the truths, the lies, the jungle of information to finding my success, I remain today, as depressed and penniless as I was when I first started out on my own.

The Exposure

I had traveled a bit: studied in the US of A, holiday in the Gold Coast and Sydney, Australia, traveled to Thailand. Life is great traveling, learning about people and places. Otherwise, it’s all work, work, work…pay the bills and work, work, work, some more. Don’t even have time to check my email at times. Then, suddenly I have more time on my hands. I am still working though but I now have more time on the computer, traveling the virtual world. But that’s the only thing I have more of now…time. Oh, I forget…my debts, the other thing that I have more of. Still not much money. I just gotta do something about this. Maybe, this online thing can help...

Ahh…the Internet. The Internet has created so much yearning and dreams for people like me. It has caused me to see that life is more than this slow comfortable paced, day in-day out working from 8 to 5, waiting for end of the month salary to pay the bills. The Internet bombarded our lives with so much information about anything on the face of the earth. I can read and see much more of what’s happening out there …from the rich and famous to the hardcore poor and downright ugly. I now see that there is more to life than just sitting at work in front of this computer, creating some nonsensical action plans for my local government telling them how best to do their jobs. There should be more to life than this! And I’ll be damn if I want to retire, just simply noted on my employment record as a so-called expertise for local decision-makers and politicians, assisting them in their job to do good for the people …whilst in reality, I remain heavily in debt and still close to being penniless except for some retirement funds which could be gone in 60 seconds the day I retire. Armed with curiosity (hope I don’t get killed like the cat!), actually more of a hunger in wanting to get rich and live my rich dreams, I had started on this journey to find the answers to the question, “Can I really get rich, live my rich dreams and find happiness?”

The Search

Along the way, I am told that there is a science of getting rich, a science of being well, that there exist a universal law of attraction, that the universe will manifest all that you want if you only ask for it, and that the secrets of success and happiness can easily be found. Specifically on money, I read about how you can easily be a money magnet, about secrets of a millionaire mind, making money online, multiple streams of income, passive income, and so on and so forth.

In trying to find out which are genuine and which are scams, I am further bombarded by hundreds of books, ebooks, ezines, newsletters and sites telling me how to get rich and make money online if I buy their cash machine packages, their ‘business in a box’, their how-to guides. Get this special offer, this one time offer, they say, and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Today Still

Today, here I am still, lost in this jungle of ‘make money’ offers but very much obsessed with making money. After all the questioning and searching, here I am, still heavily in debt, even closer to penniless, and worst still now, I am very much lost and even more confused!

Will I ever get out of this, I wonder? Will I ever get out of this jungle, filthy but rich and smelling of success, and happily living my rich dreams? Is money equals success? I wonder still. I am nowhere close to getting the answer to the big question above. So my journey continues…