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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Obsession with Money

Everyone I know is obsessed with money. Except for my parish priest (s), of course. But then again, they can afford not to worry about money. They get so much donations from the faithful, and have more than enough from Sunday church collections for the their upkeep and expenses of the church. You bet I've been counting how much they get in weekly collections - they publish it in their weekly bulletin. Holy cow! those guys get about the same in a month as 20 lowly paid civil servants put together! Tax free some more. Talk about vocation! If only I'd known...

Still on money. Growing up, many of us are told 'Money can't buy everything', 'Money can't buy happiness' or 'Money is the root of all evil'. Yeah, over and over, they stuffed it down our throats and pound it into our tiny brains. And we believe them (whoever the authorities over us were then, parents, grandparents, teachers, priests, nuns, the whole lot). At least, I did, believed them. Money became something that I should never have much of or seek or ask for because money can make me a bad person. But growing up, I realise that the exact opposite is true. Money simply became more and more important and very,very much needed. I saw my father worked himself to his grave just to get money to feed us. My mother scrimp every extra dollar she can and keep them under her bed, inside her pillowcase (even to this day) or behind pictures on the wall. (This became such a habit to her so much so that when the many times she forgot about her hidden stash, my siblings and some neighborly kids have such a thrill finding lost treasures under her bed!)

Contrary to what we were told about the 'evils' of money, money soon came to mean almost everything in life. Money means food, clothings, schooling, going to work, curing the body of illnesses, and buy you things that make you healthy. These are the basic necessities that money could bring to our simple lives when I was growing up.

Today. Oh, today, I can no longer go through a single day without the thought of money tripping me up! The minute you open your eyes each day: oh what's for breakfast, you asked, and that's money spent; you turned on the bathroom lights, that's money spent; turn on the water, money spent...and so on and so forth, the car, the house , the kids' education; it just doesn't stop, does it? Then some smart Alec comes by and say it right to your face..."well, that's life! So get on with it or stay in your cave!"

So, what do I tell me today? That Life is all about making money so I can live a good life and be happy. Well, for now, I believe that much is true. So, Universe, tell me otherwise...